A company logo is far more than a decorative showcase or symbol for a business. With sincere thought and a creative drive, a logo in itself can embody the values and marketing messages for a business more effectively than a descriptive tagline or about page. Moreover, it can provide an instantaneous point of recognition necessary to differentiate a business from its competition.
This is the approach Sukhenko Design took when we partnered with the Rochester Presbyterian Home for a refresh. An organization dedicated to assisted living and memory care with a focus on Alzheimer’s, the Rochester Presbyterian Home had utilized a sun crest logo for many years. The sun’s rays breaking into outreached hands embodied the characteristics of care but was far too generic to adequately convey the Home’s ideals, target, and philosophy.
The key for the refresh was a new logo design that would expertly communicate these values in a welcoming, elegant manner to promote the Rochester Presbyterian Home as a leader in memory care. Utilizing the idea of a memory knot (a symbol which itself has often been associated with love and friendship), Sukhenko Design fashioned a new illustration that struck three layers of immediate interpretation: memory care, compassion, and heart.
The new symbol would be a heart-shaped knot that would further resemble a pair of affectionately held hands. Retaining the original blue-green color scheme, a splash of orange and purple were added, as purple is the official color of Alzheimer’s Awareness. An updated typeface — Capriola — was also chosen to impart a simple, genuine sense of congeniality and represent the home away from home mentality that make up the organization’s founding principles.
Instantly recognizable, candid, and approachable, the design characterizes the beneficial core mission of the Rochester Presbyterian Home and its primary goal to provide “a safe and happy haven for persons in their sunset years” since 1925. For more information, please visit rph.org.
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